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Interview with Mister Gay Europe 2011- Giulio Spatola (english version)

For those of you who haven`t found out yet, this weekend Romania hosted the 7th edition of the Mister Gay Europe Contest (although it would have been hard to keep it a secret, thanks to those from Noua Dreapta, whom we thank).
After the contestants passed not only several auditions, but also the obiectivity of the jury this Saturday evening, at the party organized by PSI Romania, in Avalanche club based in Poiana Brașov, the organizers announced the three semifinalists: Giulio Spatola (Mister Gay Italy), Christo Willesen (Mister Gay Sweden) and Barry Francis Gouldsbury (Mister Gay Ireland).

Giulio Spatola stated: "I decided to participate at Mister Gay Italy in order to provide the Italian gay community with the possibility of being represented by somebody that besides physical beauty, has more profound qualities".

After another audition, Giulio Spatola was elected Mister Gay Europe 2011.

A few hours before all these, when the representatives started to feel the hieghest level of their emotions and the suspense was already floating in the air, together with Robert - the administrator of - we decided to have a conversation with each participant of Mister Gay Europe, but because of the small amount of time we could acheve our aim only with three of the competitors: Giulio, Christo and Barry.
We also tried to talk a bit less formal in order to discover another side of the contestants, than the one that was officially seen. This way, three stories were born, with three wonderful people (both literally and figuratively), who came from different countries and had a common wish: they all wanted to become this year`s Mister Gay Europe.

We will post one at a time all of the three stories that took shape among gossips, jokes, seriosity and some signs of fatigue as well. It`s going to be interesting to compare the way of thinking of the three boys. At least as interesting as the stories are going to be the impressions of Oscar Lizarraga, the boyfriend of this year`s Mister Gay Europe, who didn`t refrain from offering some personal details regarding their love story.

We`ll begin, of course, with Giulio - The freshly designated Mister Gay Europe 2011.

The pictures were taken by us, at the table where we chatted, so don`t expect studio pictures. However, the boys worked a lot, and this can be seen in the pure, un-photoshoped pictures.

Therefore, meet Giulio Spatola, Mister Gay Europe 2011, through our eyes, Robert`s and Alex`s.

Interview with Mister Gay Europe 2011 - Giulio Spatola 

IGDQ- IdeiDeGay & DrakQ 
GP- Giulio Spatola, Mister Gay Europe 2011 

IGDQ: Hey there, Giulio! Thank you for accepting our proposal of offering us an interview, one that hopefully our readers will appreciate. So, I think you should start by telling us a few things about yourself.
GP: Hello. Thank you as well for giving me the opportunity to transmit a few things about myself to the Romanian gay community. My name is Giulio Spatola, I`m 26 years old, I was born in Palermo, but I am currently living in Rome. I studied Cinematography at the University of Sapienza, Rome, where I have obtained a Bachelor`s Degree, but I am now working as a hotel manager for the "2nd Floor" hotel in Rome (, a gay hotel situated right next to the Colosseum, on the gay street of Rome. I represent Italy at the Mister Gay Europe Contest 2011, being the winner of Mister Gay Italy.

IGDQ: What made you participate to the Mister Gay Italy Contest?
GP: I decided to participate at Mister Gay Italy in order to provide the Italian gay community with the possibility of being represented by somebody that besides physical beauty, has more profound qualities. I understand that it is needed a person that must be not only beautiful, but also intelligent. I am now facing an extraordinary challenge, the challenge of offering the European gay community the possibility of being represented not only by a beautiful guy, but also by an intelligent one.

IGDQ. Which of the auditions at Mister Gay Europe seemed the most interesting to you? Or maybe the most difficult?
GP: Definitely, the most interesting audition was the interview with the jury, because there everybody could see the profound qualities I was talking about a bit earlier. For me, it was a double effort, due to the fact that I had to speak in English, but I managed to successfully transmit the problems that we are confronting with in Italy, politically speaking, since we have a government that rejects us, and also the social problems....

IGDQ: Why do you think you have to win this contest? What do you bring new in comparison with the other contestants at Mister Gay Europe?
GP: Definitely I come with nothing extra in comparison with the other contestants. We all have equal chances of winning the title of Mister, otherwise we wouldn`t be here. Therefore, no matter who the winner will be, that person will reach the goal of this competition. Right now, it`s important that we managed to know each other, to make a team. If I`ll win this contest, I would be really satisfied because I`d have the possibility of offering visibility, exposure to my country, that needs this thing right now.

IGDQ: What did you like/dislike during the competition?
GP: To be onest, I haven`t disliked something in particular. Moreover, I had quite few expectations before arriving here, and now I am very satisfied of the way the competition takes place. I have never imagined that in such few days we can get to know each other and even form a strong team, and I`m not the only one who says it, but it seems as if we`ve been knowing each other for years, and now be only got together again. Actually, we`re thinking about a collaboration, we think about making a team, not only to choose a single person that will fade as time passes by. The only think that I disliked was that the first comment posted on the AcasaTV transmission on YouTube was a homophobic one. This reminded me of Italy, it reminds me that there are homophobes and I`m really sorry because of this.

IGDQ: What do you think about Romania?
GP: The first thing I`ve noticed is that, although there`s a lot of snow here right now, you can`t feel the coldness like you do in Italy. Actually, I managed to participate to the sports audition without having to wear any extra clothes than the ones I usually do. Actually, I can`t say a lot about Romania since I didn`t have enough time to visit, but when talking to people, I realize how much the Romanian people resemble the Italian people, I felt like home.

IGDQ: Did the participation to Mister Gay Europe affect in any way your relationship with your boyfriend?
GP: At the beginning, yes, but the problem was solved since the Gay competition in our city, when I won the title of Mister Gay Rome. We then established that I need a little bit of space. However, regardless of the title of Mister, in any relationship there is an universal rule: "If there`s trust, the relationship goes on", and we do trust each other.

IGDQ: How does a regular day of Mister Gay Italy looks like?
GP: I wake up each morning at 8 o`clock. Actually, before getting of the bed, I wake up for like three times. At 10 o`clock I reach the hotel where I work. At 5 pm I leave the hotel and when I get back home, I start training myself. In the evening I usually go out with friends and chat, and Friday is the clubbing day, not Saturday. A regular life just like any other, regardless of the sexual orientation.

IGDW: Are there any other activities in your life, except for the training at your home?
GP: I`m in love with music, I love mixing, and when it comes to my favourite singers, I could say Lady Gaga, Tiziano Ferro and Georgia. At first I also liked Renato Zero, until he stated at a tv show that he said he was gay only to skip the military service, the reality being a totally different one. I actually started to dislike him, I simply don`t find myself in his music anymore.

IGDQ: Do you intend to come back to Romania in the future?
GP: I definitely will. I have a very good friend in Italy that`s Romanian, and we intend to make a longer trip to Romania, especially that I`s really use a "white vacation", with snow.

IGDQ: Do you have any message to send to the Romanian gay community?
GP: My message is that you must not be afraid to come out, because this is the secret in order to defeat homophobia. It`s important to have courage, to start with our families and continue with our friends. It`s an important process that has to take place gradually. Nobody should ever imagine that tomorrow will come Mister Gay Europe and change everything, because that`s not true. I had a conflict with my family that lasted for 4 years before they got to understand me, I was taken even to psychologist, but in the end my family started supporting me. My dad even asked his colleagues at work to support me online, by voting.

IGDQ: Thank you very much for the interview! We wish you good luck!
GP: I thank you! Have fun tonight!

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Thx for the english version... Appreciated from France!

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Gay rights are still a very divisive issue in the USA. Europe seems to be more on the cutting edge. May your battles with the establishments and the Church be short and the victories sweet!


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