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Interview with Mister Gay Ireland - Barry Francis Gouldsbury (english version)

The third contestant who entered "The Big Finale" of Mister Gay Europe 2011 is Barry Francis Gouldsbury - Miste Gay Ireland, with whom we had a great time.

Both me and Robert (, were "assaulted" since the very beginning by the positive attitude, the wonderful smile and the good jokes. Everything went almost perfect, and I say "almost" because, due to the fact that we were captivated by the great atmosphere and the jokes, we forgot to turn on the voice recorder! Happily, we figured out that we have to push the recording button after three minutes since the interview started, which wasn`t as bad as we initially thought.

Now, I invite you to read the interview taken by DarkQ and IdeideGay with Mister Gay Ireland, but not before letting you know that, right after this interview, we will post maybe the most interesting interview out of all, the one with the boyfriend of Mister Gay Europe 2011 - Giulio Spatola, named Oscar Lizzarraga. This will be the last interview of the "Mister Gay Europe" series, in case you were wondering if there are going to be any more interviews with the hotel guards (although, at least two of them really deserved to be interviewed), chambermaid, Solcanu`s dog or maybe the hotel neighbours :).

Interview with Mr.Gay Irland - Barry Francis Gouldsbury
IGDQ - Idei de Gay & DarkQ
BFG - Barry Francis Gouldsbury

IGDQ: Hello! For the beginning, tell us something about you!
BFG: Let`s see... I`m 27 years old, I live in Dublin, Ireland, I`m a gimnastic champion, I work as a hair stylist and I study fitness because I want to become a fitness coach.  What was the thing that made you decide to participate to this competition? Where did your motivation come from?
BFG: There are many people who don`t have the chance to speak but would like to make themselves heard, so I would like to speak on behalf of them. I got so passionate about this about two years ago, when I got involved with Amnesty International, where I did all sorts of stuff for equality and gay rights.

IGDQ: Which of the contest steps did you consider to be the most challenging or difficult for you?
BFG: Because I had experience with Mister Gay Ireland, where were 26 finalists and a massive show going on, I think I was prepared for this contest, so I don`t think there was anything difficult in particular. Everybody`s so great, and I loved the sport challenge. I actually got a bit nervous when I had to speak for the interview.

IGDQ: You know, it was really interesting to hear different opinions coming from different people...
BFG: Yeah, you know in Ireland we`re all equal, we are all so different because we have different backgrounds but yet we are very alike.

IGDQ: Why do you think you should win this contest? What do you think that makes the difference between you and the other contestants?
I don`t think I`m better than anybody else because we all have different qualities and we all have our own strong beliefs, we believe in different things. For example, I know different mister gays who won and after they did, they did not transmit the message they had to transmit. I want to be the one that people remember, for example to say about Mister Gay Ireland that he did campaigns in order to raise HIV awareness. I really believe that if I won, I could really help the people that really need help. There are issues that need to be addressed.

IGDQ: Tell us more about the competition, did you find anything that you disliked?
BFG: I did not dislike anything, I really liked everything, except for the noise and the smoking in the buildings because in our home nobody smokes. Except for these things, I liked everything.

IGDQ: Do you have a boyfriend? Tell us about him, was he jealous about the fact that you came here to participate at this contest?
BFG: I do, but it`s okay, he`s not jealous. I think "jealous" is a strong word, he is really supportive and he believes in everything I do because he knows that I`m not doing it for myself, I`m doing it for other people, it`s for a good cause. He knows how I feel about the gay rights and the LGBT rights as a whole.

IGDQ: You`ve been in Romania for a few days now, what do you think about this country? What did you like the most about Romania?
BFG: I love it, the snow is great, but I`m actually a bit shocked because I didn`t realize how the gay rights are seen here, I didn`t realize it`s this bad.  I was quite shocked, it`s very bad, and I think Romania as a country, needs a legislation change in  what regards the gay community, and maybe somebody with the title of Mister Gay could help with that .

IGDQ: You know, things are moving quite slowly in Romania from this point of view, due to the fact that it`s been only 21 years since we got out of communism, and on the other hand people seem to be ideologued in a certain doctrine, which prevents them from accepting new ideas. We do, however, everything in our power to change something about this.
BFG: Yes, I know, in Ireland it`s not great either, but comparing it with Romania, it`s so much better!

IGDQ: Will you visit Romania again?
If I win the title of Mister Gay Europe, I will definitely visit Romania again. You have a very beautiful country.

IGDQ: Thank you for your time!
BFG: I thank you!

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Anonim spunea...

In limba engleza, Irlanda e Ireland. Irland se spune in germana (cel putin..). :)

Stoicescu A. spunea...

Mulțumesc! A fost o greșeală de neatenție! Așa e când te împarți între o mie de chestii.

Mulțumesc de precizare!

Ovidu spunea...

I love this guy! :D


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