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Interview with Mister Gay Sweden - Christo Willesen (english version)

Darkq and Idei de Gay are coming back today with another interesting interview taken for the fans of Mister Gay Sweden - Christo Willesen, who is also one of the favourites at Mister Gay Europe 2011.

Even though he did not win the competition, Christo Willesen remained in our eyes one of the most appreciated men in the competition. Maybe because of his masculinity, his attitude, but also because of his beautiful body, Christo couldn`t pass unnoticed, leaving behind him nothing but hopes.

However, you must know that Christo, who represented Sweden at Mister Gay Europe 2011, did not go home empty handed: he won the prize called "Mister Photogenic", a prize which he totally deserves.

Now, I invite you to know Mister Gay Sweden a bit better, through a brief interview taken by Robert ( and Alex (

Interview with Mister Gay Sweden - Christo Willesen
IGDQ - Idei de Gay & DarkQ
CW - Christo Willesen

IGDQ: Hello Christo, you`re one of the most popular contestants at Mister Gay Europe 2011. For the beginning, would you be so kind as to describe yourself in a few words?
CW: Sure, my name is Christo, I`m 25 years old, I live in Gutenberg, Sweden and I work as a bartender. I`m a true sports fan, I enjoy sports very much, basically handball, football, boxing... and many other types of sports. Another hobby of mine is equitation. In my spare time I do nothing out of the ordinary: I go out with friends or I go clubbing.
IGDQ: What made you participate to this competition? Where did you motivation come from?
CW: I`ll first tell you about Mister Gay Sweden. First of all, I have to confess that I wasn`t sure whether participating to this contest is a good idea or not, because I didn`t want to seem like a "Gay icon", I`m out, everybody knows about me, but I still wasn`t sure. My friends and family helped me decide, so for me it was quite a funny thing, I said "What the hell?! Let`s do it!"
When talking about Mister Gay Europe, it`s simple, I represent my country. I`m proud to represent Sweden and regardless of the result, I will keep on being who I truly am.

IGDQ: Which of the assessments did you consider to be the most challenging?
GW: Hmmm... I think the challenge is about to come, with the final assessment tonight, because the final step is always the hardest. It`s all about three different things, but I hope everything will be alright because I practiced each day, a few hours a day. Meanwhile, although it wasn`t an assessment, the fact that I got to know other contestants and became familiar with their stories was quite touchy.

IGDQ: Why do you think you should win the title of Mister Gay Europe 2011? What is the thing that you consider to make the difference between you and the other contestants?
CW: I think I`m the type of guy that can command respect. I`m a handball and football coach, I can easily be the leader of a group, people listen to what I say and I think that`s very important, especially for the heterosexuals, because they must see another face of the gay community. When people think of gay men, they tend to consider all of them effeminated and I would like to show them that this is not always the case, that gay men are people just like everybody else.

IGDQ: Tell us, which do you think were the strong and weak points of this competition?
CW: I liked very much the fact that the organizers were very professional, the friendly atmosphere that I had with the other delegates, but also your hospitality, the hospitality of the Romanian people. As I said earlier, I think it`s really cool to meet nine different guys, from nine different countries, to see their mentality, although we all fight for the purpose in the end. I learnt many things from the other contestants. I believe that there was room for a bit of improvement when it comes to organizing the whole thing... there were some small problems about the location, we had to be in a club for a while... but it`s okay, I understand, keeping in mind the homophobia you are dealing with, and that this is the first time Romania hosts such an event.

IGDQ: You`ve been in Romania for a few days already, what do you think about this country? What did you like the most about Romania?
CW: Romanian people seem very sociable, warm, welcoming. I was a bit surprised at first... I had another image about Romania at the beginning, I was thinking that the standards are way lower than the ones I`m used to, but happily I was wrong. The truth is that I didn`t have enough time to discover Romania. What I particularly disliked was the food, I noticed that the Romanian people eat lots of fried foods, and I`m used with other sorts of food.

IGDQ: We know you have a boyfriend. Tell us a bit about him, was he jealous about the fact that you came here and participated to a contest, next to many other gay men?
CW: No, I don`t think he was jealous. My boyfriend stayed at home and it`s normal for him to be a bit worried, but there`s no reason for him to be jealous though.

IGDQ: Will you visit Romania in the near future?
CW: Of course. I would`ve liked to go skiing, but there wasn`t enough time. Maybe some other time I will have the chance to ski, especially that you have so much snow around here.

IGDQ: Do you have any message to transmit to the gay community in Romania?
CW: YES! Be proud of yourselves, and never let anybody tell you what to do. Having the power of being yourselves is the greatest challenge.

IGDQ: Thank you very much for your time. Good luck, and we hope to see you soon in Romania, at skiing!
CW: Thank you! Goodbye!

In the end, Christo wanted to send a message to you, all the readers:

For romanian version, click here!

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